Medical Record is a clinical, scientific, administrative as well as Medico- Legal document relating to the patient's care, which contains sufficient data in sequence of events to justify the diagnosis, warrant the treatment and end results.''. At MRD, JPNATC patient’s treatment datais arranged in different algorithms which enablesvast advancement in patient care, scientific research and medical education. Trifurcated in 3 key areas on the basis of location, function and professionals, the front desks at Central Registration &Follow-Up OPDinitiate the documentation procedurefor compilation, retrieval and storingby Medical Record Section at the back end.Being its final custodian Medical Record Section at basementprocessesall legal and clinical medical recordand manned by regular Medical Record Cadre. A24x7 multifunctional front office at Ground Floor i.e. Emergency Services Reception,takes care of all Casualty registrations, Wards/ICUs admissions,Inquest clearance, Inquiry related tasks and manned by a regular Public Relation Cadre with outsourced DEOs.Another front Reception located at First Floor takes care of all FU-OPD registrations, certifications,EHSservicesand manned by a regular Public Relation Cadre with outsourced manpower.

Prof.Adarsh Kumar
Faculty Incharge of MRS
JPN Apex Trauma Centre, AIIMS,
New Delhi.