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Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), AIIMS, New Delhi
जय प्रकाश नारायण एपेक्स ट्रॉमा सेंटर
Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center
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Call Center

In another first for India & possibly the world, an integrated call centre operated by GTI, started operations for JPN Apex Trauma Centre on 2 January 2010. Although call centres are common in commercial industries like telecom, the concept has been alien to hospitals. Hospitals usually have reception desks which manage general enquiries and appointments. An integrated call centre on the other hand manages extensive backend administrative chores and services besides providing a host of patient related activities on a common platform.

Call Center numbers
011-4040-1010 (30 lines), 0120-427-3656, 0120-422-4730
98683-98679, 98683-98680, 98683-98681

In public funded hospitals like AIIMS, an integrated call centre can provide immense cost savings besides revolutionizing healthcare management and delivery. Due to the presence of a mature computerized hospital information system (HIS), JPNATC was in a unique position to leverage the advantages of a traditional outsourced call centre and innovatively wrap a multitude of healthcare services around this model to provide unparalleled benefits in patient care. The unique features of the call centre are:

  1. Completely outsourced and scalable:

    This frees up valuable real estate at JPNATC besides potentially decreasing the overheads like electricity, parking and toilets which an on-site facility would use. Being completely scalable, the call centre can quickly ramp up operations in line with increased demand and in case of disasters.

  2. Professional operations:

    The call centre will provide best-in-class service to clients with quality control at every stage and 100% call recording for auditing and quality purposes.

  3. Patient services:

    With the main thrust on improving the quality of patient care, the call centre will manage all appointments and follow-up of patients for the whole of JPNATC. The call centre will also answer queries on all admitted patients and will provide information on all diagnostic & therapeutic services available, the procedure and pricing of getting a specific service or test done at JPNATC and the approximate waittimes. This information may help in empowering the patients coming to JPNATC & obviate the need to approach anyone physically for information.

  4. Research:

    Research is one of the key mandate of AIIMS and the call centre will facilitate research by ensuring follow-up of patients, administering surveys and ensuring authenticity of data.

  5. Personnel job responsibility management:

    Job responsibilities have been defined for all staff in computer facility as well as technicians in department of Neurosurgery, JPNATC. The call centre will administer a checklist telephonically to the above employees at the end of each shift (shifthandoff) to ensure compliance and accountability.

  6. Centralized help desk & support:

    The call centre will take over the responsibility of logging & initial troubleshooting software & hardware problems all over JPNATC and this will help in providing professional 24 X 7 support services at JPNATC

  7. Inventory Management & support:

    It is envisaged that the call centre will act as the single window for all civil, mechanical, and equipment related issues for JPNATC. The call centre can provide completely audit trail for any breakdown or even and follow up with the vendor and end user to ensure optimal utilization of resources.

  8. Network & Security management:

    The call centre will actively monitor JPNATC's local area network (LAN) and po-actively detect any threats and events in the network.

  9. Biometric attendance management:

    All Casualty (ER) staff, computer facility staff & sulabh employees at JPNATC are under mandatory biometric attendance system and the call centre will manage the biometric system remotely to ensure compliance and accountability.

To ensure access to the system, the call centre number is being advertised on every discharge summary/ transfer summary of inpatients. Also, around 18 vandal proof phones have been placed all over JPNATC in public areas so that patients and relatives can avail all the services comfortably.

We are very excited about the possibilities of having this unique call centre and are confident that it will turn out to be a huge success.

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