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Information Technology

Information Technology
The IT department at JPNATC or computer facility is the most dynamic and innovative department, headed by prof.Atin Kumar.This department has been responsible for introduction of the Hospital Information System (HIS) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system at JPNATC and has also implemented some innovative human resource management strategies, which are in turn responsible for the success of the programs launched at JPNATC. The department is also the first (and only) in AIIMS to define job responsibilities for each and every personnel of the department (details can be read further down this page) and to introduce a quality assurance program to ensure accountability for the defined job responsibilities.


Computer Facility
The department is also credited for conceptualizing, tendering and implementation of the Integrated Call Center for JPNATC, AIIMS for which there is no precedent in the world. Details of the call centre can be found here.

Other achievements include successful implementations of the E-MLC project (wherein the Medico-legal case sheet has been completely computerized), Access Control project, Biometric Attendance project, Computerized OPD Queue System project, Lift stretcher access control system project, IP based CCTV project, GE-PACS and Telemedicine project at JPNATC.

The department has implemented all projects using best-in-class technology with great cost-efficiency using indigenous and innovative solutions. Another unique feature of the department is that its staff is almost completely outsourced. This enables the department to have a flexible staff strength depending upon the projects at hand.

Currently in progress are the implementation of the parking access control system, the computerized pneumatic tube system and the expansion of NAS storage to 64TB at JPNATC.

Contact us:
Location: Computer Facility, Room 102, 1st floor, casualty block, JPNATC
Telephone: +911126731237 (9 AM-5 PM)
Mobile: +919868398551 (24 hours)
Telefax: +911126188000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I) Quality assurance & Training program In charge at IT department, JPNATC
In another unique initiative, this post was created to ensure consistency and integrity of data of the HIS. Job Responsibilities of In-charge Quality Control. Mr Hansraj has very good experience in implementing HIS at JPNATC and is an indispensible part of the department.

In-charge Quality Control:
Mr. Jaiveer
Job profile
This position has been created to ensure high quality and consistency of data entered into HIS as well as to improve accountability and response time of the system. Another major role will be training new & current staff (SR's & nurses) on HIS & PACS.

  1. He/She will be in charge of coordinating & conducting the training program for senior residents/ nurses & other staff and will ensure that regular training sessions are held for all staff at JPNATC. He will make a rooster for this purpose and ensure that all new staff is oriented to HIS and is given necessary training.
  2. He/She will train all new CATS personnel on all aspects of computerization and ensure that they are conversant with their job responsibilities.
  3. Will check at least twice (9AM & 4PM) that ADT is done every patient currently on CPRS
  4. Will randomly check daily (Using random number table) 2 patients from each ward& ICU for authenticity of ward/bed status, address, phone number, attending doctor and provider
  5. In the ICU, he/she will also confirm that the vitals are being entered properly by the nurses (at least twice in each shift) for the randomly selected patients.
  6. He/she will also check whether all the necessary notes (Casualty and admission notes) are entered for the selected patients are are in correct format.
  7. He/She will randomly check daily, 2 patients from each clinical department (Neurosurgery, surgery & orthopedics) who have been discharged to see if the discharge summary is correctly entered & scanned image file is available for the patient. He will also check if the correct appointment (Attending & date) is given for the selected patients.
  8. He/she will maintain two registers: Log register & Incident register. In the log register he will enter all details of the randomly selected patients for their day & the parameters checked. In the Incident register he will enter all anomalies found and the action taken as well as the feedback.
  9. He/she will inform of every incident to faculty I/C CF and make a noting in the incident register regarding this.
  10. He/she will collate data regarding activities of computer facility and do research as per directions of faculty I/C CF so as to constantly improve the system.
  11. He will coordinate brainstorming sessions (with faculty I/C CF) every Saturday with all CATS personnel in CF from 11-1PM to address staff grieviences, discuss possible improvements in system and assess the performance & significant events (if any) over the past week.
  12. He/She will personally interact with end users SR's, nurses & technical staff and get their feedback on a regular basis regarding the computerization. For this purpose he/she will devise and administer a questionnaire, the results of which will also be collated and analyzed by him/her.
  13. He/ She will also In charge of Access Control, attendance system and lift access control.
  14. Any other responsibility as per discretion of faculty I/C, CF.
  15. He/She will put on emergency duties in case of emergencies and should physically come to JPNATC if desired by the undersigned in case of exigencies.
II) CATS (Computerisation Assistance Team & Support) program:

This is a unique initiative of computer facility wherein Data Entry Operators have been trained on the HIS to provide assistance at a individual level to provide assistance in customisation, implementation and support of computerisation at JPNATC. The department is fortunate in having the following highly motivated and energetic people as CATS personnel:

Rajeev Kumar

Gopal Minz

MS.Shivani kharwar

Sandeep Rana

Rajveer Poddar

Ms.reeta chauhan

Ms.Mita banik

Job Responsibilities of CATS
He/ he will be made responsible for one or more department/ patient areas in JPNATC & will be responsible in his/her areas for all of the following:
  1. He/She will ensure that admission/discharge & transfer are reflected correctly on the HIS.
  2. ADT will be done twice every day.
  3. He/ She will ensure that all samples are bar-coded correctly to be sent to the laboratory & visible on the HIS.
  4. He/She will ensure that the computers in the ward are fully functional at all times for use of HIS & PACS.
  5. In the ICU's he/she will ensure that all patient monitors show patient ID correctly so that data is correctly transferred to HIS
  6. He/She will give appointment for next OPD visit at the time of discharge to the patient & enter it in the discharge summary.
  7. He/She is also responsible for the printer(s) in his/her area of responsibility & will ensure that adequate number of color coded pages are available, the printer is correctly configured and printing from demarcated computers in his /her area.
  8. He will ensure that there is no misuse of printer/internet in his/her area of responsibility. In case any misuse is detected it has to be reported to the undersigned and entered in the 'incident reporting' log-book kept at computer facility.
  9. All complained / technical problem should informed to Call Centre Number . 011- 40401010 & 9868398579-80, and intercom No.2345. In case the issue is not rectified with in the same working day, the undersigned has to be informed and this fact also mentioned in the log book with date time.
  10. He/She will give level 1 training to doctors/nurses for opening/using HIS & PACS in his ward & help with user name &/or password issues.
  11. Following discharge/death of the patient, he will scan the patient file into the HIS using the scanner in computer facility & software developed for this purpose.
  12. He will also continuously update his skill set by regular training sessions.
  13. Any-other work which improves patient care.
  14. He/She will collect & enter lab data/patient related data/ any other data as required for improving patient care and if ordered by the undersigned.
  15. He will ensure that access card is fixed in all patient stretcher and wheel chair of his area.
  16. He/She will put on shift duties in case of emergencies and should physically come to JPNATC if desired by the undersigned in case of exigencies.

CATS Personnel on shift duty
To ensure 24 X 7 support as well as to have lab entry and culture entry round the clock at JPNATC, especially trained CATS personnel are put on shift duty and carry a duty mobile 9868398551. There are four CATS personnel doing shift duty presently:

Sanjay Kumar

Govind Yadav

Mahesh Kumar

Mr. Vishal Happy

Job responsibilities of CATS personnel on shift duty
  1. He will be stationed in the computer room in TC5 ward
  2. Every 2 hours (three times in the day & evening shift & 6 times in the night shift), he will go to the department of lab medicine & enter all pending lab reports into hospital information system (HIS)
  3. He will ensure that ADT (Admission, discharge & transfer) occurring for each & every patient is reflected accurately on CPRS (computerized patient record system) during his shift.
  4. He will also take a round in each shift of all patient strategic places (Casualty, OT, TC2, TC3, TC4, TC5, TC6 & TC7) and ensure that CPRS and PACS are accessible & printers are working
  5. He will ensure that all thin clients in TC2 & TC3 are working at all times
  6. He will take all calls for network & software support on his duty mobile (to be provided soon) during his shift.
  7. He will check that all LCD TV's are working in all areas in JPNATC and will carry a remote with him.
  8. HE will check all access controlled lifts and in case any lift is not working, he will log a complaint with the centralized number as per the procedure laid down.
  9. All issues, including all calls will be logged in a register (Incident register) which he will carry at all times.
  10. Any issue which cannot be resolved at his level will be communicated to Dr Deepak Agrawal, immediately.
  11. The CATS personnel on night duty (9PM-9AM) will only be relieved after briefing daily Dr Deepak Agrawal personally/telephonically about all incidents in the night.
  12. His additional work responsibilities are detailed in another circular and attached with this circular.
  13. He has also been given the responsibility of specific departments & areas as per a separate memo (Attached)
  14. Morning shift CATS Personnel to ensure
    1. At Least 80 Lab entries.
    2. At Least 30 Culture report Entries.
    3. MLC Form scan and add in voes scanning.
    4. Check everything as written Overleaf.
  15. Evening Shift CATS Personnel to ensure
    1. All Pending and Fresh Lab Entries.
    2. At Least 30 culture report entries.
    3. All ADT entries of Wards.
    4. Check everything as written Overleaf.
  16. Night Shift CATS Personnel to ensure
    1. All Pending and Fresh Lab Entries
    2. All Culture Report Entries
    3. All ADT entries of Wards
    4. Check everything as written Overleaf.


This is a critical job and requires in-depth knowledge of the JPNATC network as well as server administration. The department is fortunate in having Mr Mohan as In-Charge Network & PACS & Server Administrator.

Network Engineers

Mr Kailash

Mr. Kulbhushan Yadav

Mr. Aman Sagar

Mr. Manish Garg

Mr. Mahesh Kumar

Mr. Shailesh Singh




In-Charge Biometric attendance & Access Control: Mr.Jaiveer & Mr Sudhish


Mr Sudhish
With a fully functional biometric attendance system for all sulabh staff at JPNATC, it is imperative to have qualified people managing the software. In-spite of severe constraints, Mr Hansraj & Mr Gopal successfully have implemented the system at JPNATC.


In-Charge Stores
& Lab equipment TC3:
Mr. Vijay Kumar
To ensure inventory control and store liaising, a qualified and trained person was required and Mr Vijay is doing the job competently.

In another first for government hospitals in India, JPNATC introduced the phlebotomy program in which two qualified lab technicians have been trained to take blood & ABG samples from patients for routine tests. Presently, the program is functional for ICU patients and we plan to extend it to all areas following recruitment of additional manpower.

Phlebotomists At JPNATC:

Jugul Kishore Dubey

Shimbhu Dayal Meena

Department Office Boy:

Satish Kumar

Vikash Kumar

The Call Center Receptionist At JPNATC

Dimple Bhati

Sangeeta Verma



Ms. Reema

General Responsibilities
  • Day-to-day responsibilities for nurse informaticists can vary considerably, although the most commonly reported function is systems implementation. In this capacity, nurse informaticists prepare, educate and provide technical support to nursing staff when a new computer system is integrated into the healthcare workflow.
  • Nurse informaticists might also work to develop healthcare technology systems by customizing computer programs for best use within their particular healthcare setting. Other nurse informaticists work as liaisons between nursing and information technology (IT) staffs or specialize in nursing informatics research.
Technological Applications
  • Nurse informaticists primarily work with computer systems that specifically manage nursing clinical documentation, that is, records of nursing care given to patients.
  • Duties for informatics nurses range from investigating how to improve the delivery of health-care services, to integrating information systems with consumer intelligence.










Job Descriptions
  1. Take out the Daily census in Emergency Dept (standard Census & PDS).Compare the both .
  2. Submit the daily census & reporting of the census data weekly.
  3. Ensure 100%compliance is in Patient display System & Queue system.
  4. Training & interacting with Staff nurses & ensure the vital entry in cprs .
  5. Ensure the Printout of the vital chart of CPRS is attached with the patient file.
  6. Ensure the MLC forms are properly signed by the doctor before filing.
  7. Weekly audit of the medicine indent system of the concerned area.
  8. Ensure the designated part given to each is updated in the website.
  9. Surgery Software to be got implemented with 100% compliance.
  10. Weekly audit of the OT Software .
  11. Maintain the documented records (end proforma) for whatever training has been given.
  12. Document the incidents occurred in ED or any respective areas .
  13. Make a problem list of patients & relatives.
  14. Advice solutions in documentation.
  15. Carry out designated research works.
  16. Ensure the Neuro Registry is updated accurately.
  17. Contributions in the editing part of the Trauma Newsletter.


Vishal Sharma
Job Responsibilities
  1. Software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, software reliability analysisDesigning, coding and debugging applications.
  2. Front end graphical user interface design.Project Planning and Project Management.Meeting with clients to determine what software is required or what modifications to existing software are needed.
  3. Writing code or programs to get desired results.
  4. Testing and validating software and networking hardware to ensure that the program works correctly under all variables and conditions.
  5. Troubleshooting code or computer programs that are causing errors or inaccuracy in various programs.
  6. Installing the application in main Server.


1. EMR (Vista EHR)

2. PACS (Picture Archieving Computerzation System)

3. Intranet (RDP)

4. Access Control

Access Device outside the Door

Push Button inside the Door

Lift outside Card Reader

Lift Inside Card Reader

5. Biometric Attendance

Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine

6. Computerised Queue System in OPD

Inside view of the
OPD Registration Counter

Computerized token issuing machine
inside the Registration Counter

Display station in the two waiting hall

Bar Code being scanned by the scanner

Token display system outside individual
rooms showing status of each consultant
(Two per Room) in the Room

Token counter on table by which
the next patient can be called
(Left lower part of picture)
Our Outpatient Department is also fully computerized with the New token (queue) system implemented for the benefit of the patients. As the patient is enrolled in the OPD registration counter a token number is given dpending on the type of patient and the specific doctor whom He/ She wants to show As the Patient's turn comes token number shown in the waiting area screens as well as outside the consultant room. The Doctor has a small unit on his convenience Each patient has a barcode affixed on his OPD card as well as file and his bar code is read by convenient bar code scanner installed on each Consultant table. The patient data can therefore be easily be entered on the computrized system. We are proud that JPNATC is the only centre at AIIMS to have such an advanced level of technological integration in the OPD's.

7. Computerised MLC

Combined effort of staff in the Trauma centre helped to fulfill the dream of a completely computerized Emergency Department.Now, from the registration to the discharge of the patient whole documentation is done in computer. Patient's primary data is collected in the reception counter outside the ED & entered in the computer. A Slip is obtained from the reception counter to the patient attendant. With the slip obtained from the reception counter patient comes to the ED & is seen by the Doctor on duty. Doctor collects the slip & is detected by the laser reader which identifies the bar code of the patient given in the reception counter. The Assessment sheet of each patient is entered by the concerned doctor. Concerned Doctor from each department attaches the print of the review of the patient to the file. Each Nurse in her shift duty enters the vitals of each patient of concerned area in the computer .All over India only in JPNATC the MLC of every accident cases are prepared in computer by the doctor .Computerisation has really replaced the whole manual system of writing the documents which was previously practiced.

8. Lift stretcher access control system

9. IP based CCTV

10. Telemedicine

IT innovations in JPNATC

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