Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), AIIMS, New Delhi
Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), AIIMS, New Delhi
जय प्रकाश नारायण एपेक्स ट्रॉमा सेंटर
Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center
Call Center :01126731237


The development of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service JPNTC - AIIMS reflects the coming of age of the emerging subspecialty of orthopaedic traumatology. The Orthopaedic Trauma team brings together a comprehensive team of five specialists and ten senior residents with specific training and experience to achieve the best possible outcomes for complex injuries and fractures.

The surgeons of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service specialize in:
  • Surgery for acute, severe musculoskeletal trauma.
  • Reconstruction for periarticular (involving the joint surface) fractures.
  • Treatment of complex pelvic and acetabular fractures
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of spinal injuries.
  • Arthroscopy and reconstruction of sports injuries
  • Reconstruction of joints that have been injured by fractures
  • Hand and upper extremity services (including micro vascular and reconstructive surgery)
  • Use of locked plating systems to reconstruct bone fractures due to osteoporosis
  • Long-term rehabilitation for debilitating post-traumatic sequelae (including fracture non-union, deformities and chronic osteomyelitis).
The provision and facility of bone banking provides an edge in cases of severe and complex traumatic orthopaedic injuries.

Patient care at JPNTC is optimized through the coordination of a multidisciplinary team of specialists and subspecialists within the departments of orthopaedic surgery, trauma and surgical critical care, plastic surgery and neurosurgery.

In addition to medical and surgical services, the orthopaedic trauma service embraces resident education for orthopaedic trauma, and is among the few orthopaedic trauma departments in the nation engaging in active research of the biomechanical and orthobiological aspects of healing and designing implants custom made for Indian population.

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